In general terms:

What’s the difference between Cool Cycling and the conventional gym?

The soul is the difference!

Is there a monthly fee?

In Cool Cyling you can freely choose your method. If you are one of those people who like freedom and live without strings attached, you can buy your sessions without commitment, individually or for bonuses. But if you prefer a monthly payment and forget about it, you can choose the monthly payment that best suits your needs.

How many sessions do I need in order to see results?

In the first one, you'll feel great because you've finally spent the time you deserve. If you are referring to physical results, call us and tell us about your case, we will help you.

How many calories will I burn per session?

It all depends on your performance and obviously your metabolism. What you will definitely burn are those worries and burdens. Enjoy!

I haven’t worked out for quite a while. Will I be able to complete a session?

It’s not a problem. You decide where your limit and your pace is, we only recommend you come with a desire to enjoy, feel and share.

Are there classes for beginners?

No, everyone can fit in every session and you can adapt it to your abilities. But remember: never underestimate yourself, you are capable of doing more than you could ever imagine!

I’m pregnant. Can I join a session?

How nice! Congratulations! Let us know when the baby is born, there’s a little gift waiting for her/him. And yes, you can join our sessions, but remember to inform us about your doctor’s advice.

Buying and booking online:

Do I need to register in Cool Cycling?

Yup, you do. From your user profile you can manage your bookings and purchases. We won’t spam you with e-mails, but please mark us as Not Junk as we’ll send you some cool stuff you won’t wanna miss!

How early do I need to book my session?

You need to book your session one week in advance and up to 5 minutes before the session. If you have any special requests we can skip the rule, but don't tell anyone!

Does my account credit expire?

It all depends on the method of payment. If you bought a session bonus, don't worry, these sessions will be saved until you decide to spend them. But if your payment method is monthly, the sessions will not be cumulative (if you don't make all of them in a month), you better to be constant and make the number of weekly sessions that correspond to you, although we already know that you’ll be the most motivated person on this world so never it’s gonna be enough and sure that you will be willing to stay longer.

Can I transfer credit from my account to a friend’s?

Such a good friend! Of course you can: life’s all about sharing. On your user profile you’ll find an option for that. Give us a shout if you can’t find it. But be aware! If you have a monthly fee you will not be able to transfer credit to your friends, but we will be able to talk to you and invite your friend to come and enjoy together.

Cancelling sessions policy:

How far in advance can I cancel my reservation to avoid penalty?

We don't really like the word "penalty" and we aren't keen to on you cancelling your booking, unless there you have no other option (we’ll miss you soooo much!). Cleared this up, you can cancel your reservation through your username at www.cycling.cool. And if you don’t want to be penalized, fine or something worst, please do it up to 2 hours before the session. (just kidding, if it's a one-time thing, nothing will happen to you).

What if I can’t come to a session I have booked?

It’ll make us sad and we’ll definitely miss you. If you can’t come and don’t let us know, we won’t be able to refund your credit (sorry!). If it’s a one-time thing, we can talk about it and find a solution. Is that all right?