WHAT'S Cool Training Hub ABOUT?

We're much more than just another Cycling studio. Forget everything you've tried before and try the Cool experience. Our primary goal is to make your eyes sparkle with joy!

And that's why we have designed a space for you to break free, to let loose, to forget about everything else and focus on yourself. So get on board, enjoy the music and experience joy in its purest form.

Our challenge is to make you enjoy yourself and benefit from the excercise at the same time. Only you set your own limits, whether you are looking for a good time or a demanding training.

Whatever your aim is, Cool Training Hub is your place to be. Whatever your level or needs, we've got a place for you. Let’s ride? Let’s move?

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Clarify your doubts and let's ride!

  • What’s the difference between Cool Cycling and the conventional gym?
    The soul is the difference!
  • Is there a monthly fee?
    In Cool Cyling you can freely choose your method. If you are one of those people who like freedom and live without strings attached, you can buy your sessions without commitment, individually or for bonuses. But if you prefer a monthly payment and forget about it, you can choose the monthly payment that best suits your needs.
  • How many sessions do I need in order to see results?
    In the first one, you'll feel great because you've finally spent the time you deserve. If you are referring to physical results, call us and tell us about your case, we will help you.
  • How many calories will I burn per session?
    It all depends on your performance and obviously your metabolism. What you will definitely burn are those worries and burdens. Enjoy!
  • I haven’t worked out for quite a while. Will I be able to complete a session?
    It’s not a problem. You decide where your limit and your pace is, we only recommend you come with a desire to enjoy, feel and share.